New York Texas Zipline Review

The visit was a memorable experience, and I would recommend others to go. The outdoors area of the family-owned business gives you a great view to look out from, and as you arrive to check-in, you are greeted by a sweet sheepdog that lightens whatever fear you may have. Before you start, the staff makes a brief, but a detailed lesson on the dos and don’ts of ziplining. The staff was kind and encouraging and they simply explained how to use the zipline, and when making a mistake, would gently correct. It is a little tense at first, though once you have done a line or two, it becomes a breeze; quite literally. The staff even told us that it becomes easier as the lines get longer, and you’re more accustomed to the feel of the zipline, which was entirely true. I personally did the six lines zip line, opposed to the nine lines so I can’t quite vouch for the latter, but the last of the six stretches over a thousand feet and was outstanding. The air whistling past my ears, the gorgeous view below,  (the one instance I would implore someone to look down from the height) and the satisfaction when completing it. It all added up to it being an enjoyable experience. I can’t wait to go back. It’s a friendly adventure and everyone you encounter is polite and supportive.


One thought on “New York Texas Zipline Review

  1. Excellent. Why you did not take me when we came there? We feel we have missed it especially after reading your review. Good going. Keep writing Rishi. Such of these reviews are wanted really

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