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When you hold the title for the most expensive film ever made, you can expect something good to chew on for both movie lovers and for non-movie lovers, for both Marvel fanatics, and well…only marvel fanatics. There is sadly no room for Marvel beginners to watch this movie except for purely visual delight, they will understand little to nothing about the movie as it pertains information from all nineteen installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet, I do still recommend Marvel beginners to watch this film as it will delight your visual tastes to an astronomical level.

Since the focus of the film is the villain Thanos, who’s made appearances throughout a number of MCU films, on his quest to collect the powerful Infinity Stones; it does make sense that familiarity of the movies would prove helpful. And so here is the pivotal question that is answered throughout this movie, “How far would you go to bring peace to the universe?” It’s a question many people have faced, both in real life and in fiction none of which have come as close as to Thanos to reaching their goal.

This movie is the beginning of the ending of this series of the MCU. The movie that millions of superhero lovers have been waiting for, the battle to end all battles, the war to end all wars, an opportunity for a movie to provide more fan service than any other. This is when things begin getting serious, jokes aside, which Infinity War does manage to crack many of, this movie is one of the most important installations to the MCU.

Thanos already has and has had the Infinity Gauntlet for a good amount of time. The gauntlet was forged by the last surviving Dwarven blacksmith, and Thanos is coming prepared for the battle, going full out. Each infinity stone was creatively placed by the directors of the MCU in different corners of the movies, from Thor to Iron Man, to Guardians of the Galaxy and more. And so this film is the one where all of those crossroads intersect, and the presence of the infinity stones begins to get stronger. Thanos has been lurking in the MCU’s for a long time, being the mind behind Loki’s attack on New York City as well as Ronan’s assault on the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Thanos had given up on underlings to retrieve the infinity stones themselves, and so the titan himself decided to get his hands dirty. He sends his minion, to Earth to retrieve two of the stones, while he goes after the others himself.

Infinity War doesn’t introduce a lot of new characters, which makes sense considering that they have to fit over seventy-five faces into a two hour and forty minute time slot. One thing Marvel has really outdone itself on is its scene transitions, from one scene to the other, from one character to the other, one conversation to the next. It’s smooth as butter and actually quite pleasant to watch.

The Children of Thanos are interesting, but they don’t quite impact the plot of the movie as much as it would seem at first. Infinity War has one of the largest casts in the history of movies, containing numerous characters, from the Iron Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Spiderman, and the Avengers movies. It is no surprise that many of these characters do not get a lot of screen time, or many lines for that matter, but each character is done its due justice in the film. The fact that Infinity War actually feels like a well-balanced movie is extremely praiseworthy.

For the most part, this movie was a delight, except that it was countless fighting after the next. It almost seemed like the directors had a puzzle piece and said oh I’ll throw it in here, then one over there, oh wait I’ll take that back. No, I actually want to keep it, no never mind, no add it over there. There is simply too much random fighting, and not quite enough comprehendible encounters. There are a few spectacular fights, but the others are just thrown in there like salt and pepper, what’s the use? There are very few scenes where there is no fighting whatsoever, and after all the movie is about the most powerful creature in the universe, but I felt that there was more than just raw fighting to highlight in this film.

The exposition portion of this movie turned out to be a little cheap. Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) was overused as an exposition character. “Thanos has the largest army in the universe.” Well, thanks for that, it really helps, but don’t they already know that? Oh, he’s big and purple and powerful and has this gold glove on his hand. Well, nice job Sherlock, who would have ever known? His line delivery also seemed to be a little cheesy, not very natural, not much emotion, like he was reading off of a piece of paper. But who am I to critique acting, he acts the way he acts and the way the director approves of it, I just see what I see. There also seemed to be some dominant issues between the split personalities of Bruce Banner and the Hulk himself, which I think will be talked about in the second part of Infinity War.

This movie was also extremely funny, aside from the break the tension jokes. I truly believe that this film contained a proper amount of required humor. I think that Guardians of the Galaxy film is what really sparked Marvel films to add that extra comedic factor.

The actors also have great on-screen chemistry with each other. Iron Man, Star-Lord, and Dr. Strange have the funniest scenes together, they each represent the same kind of character from different areas of the MCU. All three let ego get to their heads, can be immensely prideful, are quick and witty, and also believe that everyone is obliged to do what they say.

This movie might be the one Marvel movie that actually gives the villain its proper spotlight, and we are given a good deal of information about the villain as well. I sort of wanted to see Thanos as a child but I knew that wasn’t coming. But, the movie does a decent job fleshing out his backstory and motivations. Although I’d like to say for comic book lovers that this will be a disappointment, nothing goes as per comics, nothing. Josh Brolin plays Thanos with a beautiful balance of character, both an emotional and a menacing person. Josh Brolin is without a doubt the star of this film and manages to deliver an amazing job in his work. The visuals on his facial features and skin movements are also miraculous, the MCU as always, must have really worked their butts off getting the CGI done for this film. Especially the extremely confusing and strange ending, where numerous characters faded away into small pieces.

Lastly, the most iconic thing about the MCU, their end-credit scenes which always connect with the upcoming installments of the franchise. And they are always so interesting to watch, the end-credit scene for Infinity War shows Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving in a car, talking about how large scale the Wakanda attack was. They get hit by a car, and when Maria checks on the driver, it turns out that there was no one inside. Maria then fades away just like some other characters, and Fury runs back to his car. He grabs a messaging device from his seat and clicks a button as he begins to disappear as well. The messaging device drops to the ground and reads, “Sending…” on the screen. The screen then flashes and shows the star-shaped design which Miss Marvel’s costume is based on. This may hint at a Miss Marvel cameo in the second part of Infinity War, knowing Marvel it could go in a number of different directions.

At last, Infinity War reminds us why and how everyone deep inside, has the same nature. They have the same emotions, the feel the same way about certain things, they hurt the same way and even think the same way. Everyone at heart is the same, we just look different, a concept also evaluated in Black Panther, the previous installment. Over the course of the past nineteen films the MCU has turned out to be a rollercoaster ride, and this movie will definitely not fail to reach your expectations. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. 




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  1. Super. a review from 13 year old boy is something marvellous, a complete picture and analysis of various characters introduced therein. I have seen the movie with my grandson and Mrs after reading this review in fact. We old generation people admire more on the writings of Rishi rather than enjoying the movie as such. Congrats dear. God bless you always.

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