GeoStorm-Movie Review

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In 2019, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, droughts and every other form of destruction gave the world quite the situation to take care of. The world’s scientists came together to do something about it creating the “Dutch Boy” an interlocking net of thousands of satellites that surround the planet and counteract the destructive weather. Jake Lawson was the genius behind the design of the ‘Dutch Boy’ but he’s not the easiest guy to get along with and so they fire him and put his more politic brother, Max, in charge. Everything goes just great for three years until strange incidents begin to occur, a freeze in the desert, lava uproar in Hong Kong, and a scientist getting sucked out into space. Max has only one recourse: He’s got to call Jake back in for help. He’s the only one who really knows all the ins and outs of this orbital computer system. If anybody can fix this, it’ll be him. And hopefully Jake can fix it before…the Geostorm occurs.

See, that’s nice and all and the title even has a nice ring to it, but the movie just ended up being a little too cliche. The dialogue was a little tacky, and in all honesty, once I got to the climax I was like ‘Haven’t I seen this movie before?” Of course, the answer was no but at that point I was skeptical, the moment where Jake fought Dustin or something, the spunky British kid it was all Deja-Vu for me. I was kind of hoping for there to be more destruction during the movie but in the end, there wasn’t all that much. The movie ended with them rebooting the ‘Dutch Boy’ which would shut it down temporarily. However, doesn’t that mean for a brief minute, huge storms and natural disasters could occur, at least when ‘Dutch Boy’ wasn’t counteracting those elements? But the reboot seemed to happen instantly and an ‘all’s well that ends well’ kind of thing.

If even one pivotal character in the movie died, there could have been more density to the movie. But on top of the other cliches in the movie, all the ‘good’ characters you started with in the beginning lived to the end. There was that one super talented spy-like female, the nerdy little girl who’s into technology, (We all know in our modern age that’s not how it works), and then lastly the cocky and arrogant genius who can’t seem to learn social skills. It’s Armageddon all over again.

However, on a positive note, I really liked the climax part of the movie, you can never seem to do a car chase wrong and director Dean Devlin did that perfectly. And the plot twist at the end where Dekkom, (Ed Harris) turned out to be the villain and nearly shot Max in the head. Overall, I thought the movies visual effects and action sequences were great, aside from my critique of other things I was quite entertained by this film. Really I don’t think you’ll lose anything watching this movie just be prepared to see some same old same old cliches but the movie is enjoyable as a whole. I give this movie a 6/10 rating.


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