Thor Ragnarok – Movie Review

Image result for thor ragnarokWho doesn’t love a comedy filled action flick? I mean the critics ate up Guardians of The Galaxy, they absolutely loved it. Perfectly timed punchlines, well thought out jokes and ironic moments even non-marvel fans understood. So Taika Waititi took bits and pieces from that, and has fabulously presented us “Thor Ragnarok.” A comedic action flick, with a dire lack of consistency. I was honestly disappointed at the end of the movie for the lack of cliche.

Yes, I said it. I missed the cliche. Most people rant about how a movie is too cliche and how the plot was quite predictable. This movie was so out of place that it kind of defied that standard. Introduced to the villain early in the movie, you think “Oh yes! Finally, a Marvel movie that consistently focuses on the villain.” But in the end, Marvel pulls its old “I got ya there!” and directs the attention back to Thor, and a lot of unnecessary characters… Although I’ll have to say that Korgs interjections are absolutely hilarious, it’s unexplainable the amount of comedic quality he contributed to the movie. And his voice-well you watch the movie and see for your self.

Dressed in skin-tight black gear and sporting a twisting, spiked headdress, Hella looks like Taika Waititi saw Maleficent and said “I want her. But MARVElous!” Sorry, I had to squeeze in that joke. In her first encounter with her brothers, she demonstrates her intense power by destroying Thor’s hammer and banishing him to a distant universe while she sets about wreaking havoc to Asgard.

Asgard is one of those places that, was made to be destroyed. And Waititi was given the challenge with fulfilling Ragnarok yet still make it a “happy ending” Hugs and kisses friendship galore! I’ll let you be the judge of how well he succeeds, since as far as I’m concerned, the less time spent on Asgard, the better.

At any rate, it’s quite frankly for the better that Hella is free to wreak havoc on Asgard while Thor and Loki are stranded on Sakaar, which is sort of an intergalactic trash dump where heroes are forced to compete in elaborate gladiator battles. To explain further would spoil certain surprises that the audience I’m sure would enjoy. Needless to say, the GrandMaster ideally rules Sakaar and forces Thor to fight…a familiar opponent. Shortly after, Thor, a Valkyrie, Loki, and another friend…escape through the Devil’s [insert word here] to Asgard.

I truly felt that this movie was kind of dancing around everywhere, without a consistent plot line. Beautifully crafted and hilarious, but a work in progress like the other Thor movies usually are. This particular movie lost the Shakespearean quality that Chris Hemsworth’s past movies have had. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but even the Stan Lee cameo was frankly irritating and seemed forced… which was another setback. The comedy was forced in numerous places, and the director tried so hard to make this a comedy film that he had to squeeze all the gory violence into the last half hour.

In the end, this movie was sadly a disappointment, a failed attempt at a Guardians of the Galaxy knockoff and a quite forced “comedy” film. In the end, my ratings shouldn’t directly impact your thoughts so I’d suggest you watch the movie yourself before taking any of my critique to the head.



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