Inside Out-Movie Review

Image result for inside outEmotions here. Emotions there. Emotions a little everywhere. Wait what? That’s exactly how I felt after watching a pretty bad movie-Inside Out. I mean if I were to tell you how I’m feeling I’m a little happy, sad, angry, disgusted, and what else is there-fear or something?

I personally was not fond of this movie because it just didn’t have anything that “excited” me. In Toy Story, there are close scenes where characters almost get killed.

In Cars, it’s a thrilling race movie about how a car who lost his way regains his glory. In Up, the characters are stranded hundreds of miles away from home. In this? Well I mean…OH NO, NOT SPINACH PIZZA!!! Crazy right? Although I’m sure an emotion fan favorite was Anger, we sure love reckless bald dude smashing things up into flames, don’t we? YIPEEE! If you are expecting praise in this review you will be absolute, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, tremendously, extraordinarily, mightily, terrifically, remarkably, particularly, intensely, and acutely disappointed.

The general story of Inside Out is about a young girl named Riley who moves out of her hometown of Minnesota all the way over to San Fransokyo, Tokyo. Oh wait is that a different movie? Aaargh, I get these gosh darn Pixar knock offs so mixed up! She is a happy fifth grader who acts like she was born yesterday and still acts goofy with her parents.

Naturally, problems are sure to arise with a personality like this and such a drastic movement. Bringing up a plethora of emotions such as I can’t believe I’m doing this…happiness, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear who all control Riley’s brain like a zombie via mission control! It’s the Power Rangers all over again!
However, the voice-casting in Inside Out is great. There’s a certain interrelationship between certain emotions that support the dynamic voices given by the cast. Which I have to admit is the one upside of this movie.

The movie revolves around the world inside her head, stacked with emotions and memories stuffed inside balls. This is just ridiculous but I’ll keep going. These balls glow with whatever emotion the memory is about, a happy memory is a gold, a sad memory is blue, such and such. And there are of course the relatable memories that you can’t get out of your head. Lastly, there are core memories that rely on the strongest of her experiences which create personality islands. Riley’s islands are goofball, honesty, family, friendship, and hockey.

These emotions make Riley who she is, and when they get destroyed, life inside her mind also gets worse. This leads to a correlating story between Riley losing herself and who she is and the emotions inside of her bringing her back.

But the ending was okay I guess, after a quite frankly boring “adventure” in her brain they retain the core memories and they all lived happily ever after. THE END I give this movie a two-star rating. Don’t get me wrong, I personally just didn’t like the theme of a parallel story. And especially in the excitement less way it was projected. This movie was just like a “meh” for me.


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