Ratatouille – Movie Review

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Out of all the amazing blockbuster films, Pixar has created, Ratatouille among few others are brandished at the top. It’s just one of those movies where the main character is so unique as opposed to the others in his community. From the start, the main character Remy had been gathering vegetables, reading cookbooks, and understanding how critical ingredients can be, and the best part is, he’s only a rat. 

Even still, he’s more than just a rat. Remy doesn’t want to ravage leftovers from the garbage or eat stale scraps. His dream is to one day become a chef. None of the other rats can truly relate, even his own father.  And his brother can’t relate either but he’s acceptant to Remy’s unique personality and interests.  lets Remy be himself. While staying in an old lady’s kitchen for most of his time, he watches his idol Gusteau cook amazing food and learns from his techniques and cooking. 

Remy truly believes he had Gusteau’s complete support in his dream to become a full-fledged chef. Until everything flips over, and his entire family gets separated from him. Eventually, Remy meets an amateur chef and becomes best friends. He secretly helps him how to cook, taking the amateur to great love from customers and other chefs alike. The Head Chef, however, gets suspicious and joins a food critic to overthrow the entire restaurant. Until the critic actually tastes Remy’s food, reminding him of his past.

In the end, I absolutely loved the movie, didn’t find anything wrong with it. Beautiful characterizations and artistic shots of the city blew me away. This movie is fantastic and I give it 10 stars.

Rating: 10/10

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