Toy Story-Movie Review

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Getting replaced, a recurring fear in many instances of the world. Whether it be someone replacing your post in office, replacing your grand title as “best friend”, or even being replaced by a newer toy.

Toy Story plays on the last of the three: an adventurous cowboy getting replaced by an intergalactic space ranger. The main reason this movie was adored by such a large group was that of the relatable messages it stored. It was the kick starter for Pixar’s film business and even went on to get nominated for the Oscars.

It gave kids the idea to treat everything as if it’s living, with care. Woody and Buzz Lightyear are by far one of my favorite animated characters of all. The computer graphics were outstanding and were on par with the creatively written dialogue. The story begins as Woody organizes a meeting for all of the toys, leading a quick to debrief on their situation.

Suddenly, this “newer and better” version of him strolls down the hall acting like a hard nosed cop, bent on thwarting some evil space conqueror. The other toys go heads over heels for him throwing Woody out of the big picture. Andy begins to give Buzz all the more attention and our favorite cowboy get’s extremely bitter.  

He handles the situations in a quite sarcastic way choosing not to accept his new fate. Once Woody and Buzz get lost, the story really begins. The two toys conflicting opinions take them to the house of a creative yet evil eight-year-old who likes murdering toys. He amputates pieces of the toys and connects different toys together…it’s kid Frankenstein all over again. The voice casting was brilliant for this movie.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen performed outstandingly, Tom as Woody and Tim as Buzz. Who would have thought that there are people whose voice just happens to suit an animated space ranger toy with an evil nemesis/father? Overall, the story is just great with relatable themes and entertaining characters. So much adventure and I just straight out loved it.


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