The Lion King-Movie Review

Image result for the lion kingThe Lion King is a retelling of the Shakespearean classic “Hamlet,” however it is told in a modern perspective. The story is set in Africa, most of the major characters being Lions. Simba, a mere lion cub is tricked into thinking he killed his father and runs away from the mantle of future king. Mufasa’s (The King) unprecedented death throws off the entire kingdom and his senile brother overtakes the throne.

Simba adventures through the forest making new friends in a meerkat and warthog. Surpassing difficulties, romance, and powerful fights, Simba takes the throne back and rules the land peacefully. THE END.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect movie, it’s a few loose screws from there but it’s a movie beyond its time. The way the story unravels is authentic and execution of the dialogue is oh so wonderful. However, gratuitous humor deprives the movie’s indefinitely serious atmosphere. And the romance elements didn’t quite work well either. It drew the audience’s attention away from the thrilling fight sequences and confrontation scenes.  

The movie is one of Disney’s greatest accomplishments, and as far as I know, the first Disney movie where a character’s death was portrayed. The Lion King is principally memorable because of its originality and its avoiding of many cliches that drown Disney films. The morals of the movie are pretty simple, don’t worry about anything and learn from the past. Which also adds the sense that it’s a movie even adults will enjoy. Featuring numerous scenes of despair and death, the film highlights much about the Circle of Life and when there is a beginning there is an end. Plentiful perspective shots and brilliant camera movement makes the audience feel part of the 2D world as well. Nice Job Disney!



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