Vikram Vedha-Movie Review


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In an intriguing game of “cops and robbers”, a tough-minded cop is determined on bringing in an ill-famed gangster, with 14 kills on his tail. And the cop on the other side with an overpowering 16 kills, yet he can rest at peace knowing that he hasn’t killed anyone innocent.

Or so he thought since that’s where the story begins. Inspired by the classic folk tale “Vikramadhitya” the director duo Pushkar-Gayathri intertwines puzzle pieces, riddles, and murders into a beautifully crafted movie.

The antagonist, antagonist per say the first impression of watching the movie….is given an imposing introduction as the theme music rolls and the guns start loading. The story revolves around a handful of supporting characters who fulfill their puzzle piece here and there. To an explanation that is not quite given, the encounter cop puts his life on the line to capture this gangster. However, once the movie unfolds, the line between good and evil disappears. And conversations from the start of the film start to have a little more purpose than you think.

The plot line is a little exasperating but keeps the audience on the edges of their seats. Bound for an entertainment and thrill, this movie doesn’t fail to please. In the end of the day, I give this well thought out intertwined “kadhai” (story) a five-star rating.


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