Frozen – Movie Review

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From the catchy song “Let it Go” to the lovable snowman “Olaf” this animated film rocked the world. “Frozen” is the story of how two princesses living in the kingdom of Arendale, part ways as the Kingdom undergoes a perpetual winter. The movie completely changes the perspective of the way people see most “villains”.

Half way through the movie, you don’t even know who to root for. Anna, a slightly naive girl falls in love with a prince and immediately decides to get engaged. Her elder sister, protective and wise, is against the sudden decision and refuses to accept her sister’s request. Unwillingly, Elsa reveals her powers and abandons the Kingdom in fear. From this point on, the tale spins off into a magical movie which can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Yet there were still some things here and there that I didn’t completely approve of. The “villain” (Elsa) seemed a little….well not a villain.

Making there no essential opponent Anna would have to face. Had her sister Elsa approached things a little calmer, the entire climax wouldn’t have occurred, Elsa’s mind wouldn’t be cleared, the city wouldn’t be saved, Anna wouldn’t have found true love, and so many other plot curdling events would have vanished in the blink of an eye. Although it did seem as if the entire story was just a light prequel or preparation to the “Frozen on Ice” Broadway Musical. Even still, I loved the movie and would give it a 4 star.


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