Finding Nemo – Movie Review

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Today I am going to give you my feedback about an ever so classic Pixar film, “Finding Nemo” Finding Nemo is a wonderful animated adventure movie that captures everything Pixar is well known for.

Ranging from the well-placed jokes, irresistible characters, and entertaining story lines, this movie was spectacular. The unique characters and personalities will get you attached way before you know it. Which brings me to the one problem I have with this movie. There are much too many minor characters with not enough input to the story. Personally, I would have loved to see a little more lime light given to some of the other characters. Namely: the three sharks, the school of Moon fish, and a few of Nemo’s classmates. Regardless, there is a strong feeling of adventure and excitement expressed throughout.

The voice cast is another factor that really drew me into the story. For starters, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory was a perfect choice for a character that you love to hate. Not to mention Albert Brooks for Marlin (Nemo’s father): whose voice was perfect for the angst drawn clown fish. The vibrant animation beautifully supported the blends of humor, heart, and characters.

 Everything you need to know about Nemo and Marlin is shown within the first five minutes. A beginning that is both grabbing and quite sad. Following Marlin’s search for his son made it a very engaging story. Complete with outstanding scenes that the characters ventured through. Transitioning from one marvelous conflict to another. Such as when escaping the sunken ship, the dangerously dark waters, jellyfish, the whale’s mouth, sea turtles, and dentist office.

Marlin and Dory outstandingly performed as a  leading duo on the search for Nemo. There was no end to the entertainment completely enriching the film. On that note, I end this Movie Review with a five-star rating. Rishi, out.




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