Boss Baby – Movie Review

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Now, for the diaper galore film involving a young boy and his new baby brother teaming up to defeat an evil businessman. “ BOSS BABY” This DreamWorks film is twisted together in a slightly confusing story line.

The Boss Baby is a colorful animated film that’s complete with a sibling rivalry highlighting biased affection.Tim is a young imaginative boy with his head always in the clouds. He doesn’t see the world the same way anyone else does and that’s one special thing his parents share with him. Leading to the five-minute introduction of a seven-year-old boy pretending to be a pirate.

A slight over explanation of the time his parents spend with him. Now, the story really begins once his younger brother arrives in a business suit and a briefcase…..already able to walk. A little strange don’t you think. And the craziest thing is that his parents seem to think it’s…wait for it… CUTE! Not strange but apparently cute. If I saw a three-day old baby walking in a suit, I would probably have to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Tim resents the arrival of his younger brother….Roll credits… BOSS BABY. Who dominates the time and love of his parents.

Which then leads the story along baby meetings and lawnmower fights. And as you would expect, entertaining for kids. Kids and infants will most likely enjoy this film from the classic slapstick and awkward toilet humor. Not to mention the occasional comedic set pieces. Personally, the main thing that made me laugh was that a sixty-year-old man was voicing a….baby. Some entertaining moments, however, included the quarrels between the “siblings” and how gullible the parents are to not notice. Brutally hilarious however was when Tim’s little brother rolls down a flight of stairs into the middle of the street.

Tim’s fertile imagination is open to a plethora of ideas as he deals with the introduction of a new family member. This could and should have been elaborated on just to showcase some of the things we’d like to think little kids do when they’re left alone. Again, an interesting topic that could have changed the entire movie. Instead, we get repetitive chase sequences, continuous ironic moments when parents don’t notice what’s going on, and an entire movie based off of what may offend dog lovers.

The Animation, however, was quite outstanding and I loved the personality of the chubby muscular baby. So it’s a win-win scenario if you’re looking for some good laughs. All in all, I would give this film a three-star rating. Not too shabby at all.


4 thoughts on “Boss Baby – Movie Review

  1. That’s the best review I ever read. I did see this movie and did enjoy it but never looked at it in your perspective. Better post it in fandango as well. Oh! and IMDB might hire you. You rock dude!!!

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