The Dark Prophecy-Movie Review


As always, author Rick Riordan has written a captivating, entertaining, and humorous sequel to the first of the series, “The Hidden Oracle” Apollo’s annoying yet amusing personality shows a different perspective of character never seen before. The book shows Apollo aging as a human, and missing the sensation of being a god. The story was quite different from his other books.

Very engaging, but I felt like Rick Riordan stuffed a lot of critical information at the end of the story. It was a little rushed. There were also a lot of cliffhangers, loopholes, things that continue to drag on into further books. And the majority of new characters were also introduced near the end. I truly believe most if not all people will not be able to greatly understand the clump of the story due to the fact that it rely’s so greatly on the previous series.

As well as bringing back old charismatic characters, tying loose ends, and containing jokes only true Greek Mythology fanatics will understand, in a very quick time. At the start of the book, I liked Apollo’s transformation. He began as the spoiled sun god with annoying qualities, which is shown in the first series. My largest concern is the sense that he ceases to change his qualities in the first book of the series, The Hidden Oracle. He was very inhumane, arrogant stubborn, and quite presumptuous about demi-god struggles.

It takes some very influential incidents but Apollo eventually grows. Yet we get to see very little of this new and improved Apollo. I also loved the hints at other mythologies, which quite disappointingly are also shown to occur, much much much later. The thing I disliked the most about this book was the sense of overpowering. I personally don’t like TV Shows, or book series, or manga, or Movie trilogy’s, where they introduce an original generation.

The original generation overcomes many difficulties, goes through many twists and turns, tons of adventures, and eventually beats the most powerful villain. Until the next series comes over, looks down on the first generation and comes up with even stronger characters, a much more different take on the story, and much more powerful villains. What’s the point? Overall I give this book a 4 star!


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