Mystical Trials




Hello, World!

My first book ‘Mystical Trials‘ was released on May 27th, 2017.

               In my book, there are four main characters named Soren, Nyla, Jack, and Vale. Nyla has suspicious yet secret thoughts that are implemented throughout the story. The book is about how these four people venture to a city in the skies to take part in a magical fitness test to determine their eligibility to attend an Academy. Avalon is ruled by a benevolent king but also has a strict class system that angers Soren, who knows what it’s like to be looked down on by others. Luckily he’d been too busy preparing for the mystical exams to worry about what his classmates thought.

               He could have changed their minds if he’d wanted—Soren has uncanny powers of persuasion. His father believes that the teachers at Isirion Academy can help Soren control his abilities. All he has to do is pass their tests. Over the course of these events, Soren meets others with incredible abilities. Brainy Jack can manipulate time. Fierce Nyla is one of the king’s royal bodyguards. Level-headed Vale has the cool, strategic mind needed for brilliant magic. These four very different teens find themselves thrown together when a sinister force threatens magic itself. I hope you read the book and enjoy!

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My second book ‘The Colony‘ was released on Feb 27th, 2019.

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